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Our History

Here at Roadmaster Boat Trailers, we keep three things in mind: integrity, family values and high standards of quality.  This is because we are a family business – fully WA owned since its creation.  The Roadmaster story is not simply about the product, it is about the hard work of one family to create an efficient, reputable company right here on Aussie soil.

The Early Days

In the years following the Second World War, Perth saw an influx of migrants, its first national television transmission and a massive employment growth.  It was in these times that the late Peter Long went into business with his step-father, brothers and step-brothers manufacturing boxes in East Perth, then in Bayswater in 1948.  Peter’s love of fishing, swimming and diving lead to him becoming a boat owner; however boat trailers were unavailable in Perth during that time, resulting in Peter manufacturing his own.  The owners of Glasscraft Marine were so impressed by his trailer design; they ordered trailers for their fibreglass boats; and hence the birth of Roadmaster Boat Trailers.

Our first trailer design was a box style frame, bent by hand and paint poured into each tube as a rust deterrent – some of these trailers are still on the road today.


Perth’s growth and prosperity during the 1960’s allowed the business expand into other marine products such as anchors, ladders and boat parts, leading to Peter’s eldest son Mark joining the firm in 1967. Mark proved to be quick, efficient, hard working and continued to expand trailer designs to suit the dynamic marine demands.


In the 1970’s our trailers started becoming fully galvanised promoting stronger rust protection and trailer longevity. Many of the Roadmaster models you see out on the roads today are Mark’s invention. This continues Roadmaster’s quest against the corrosive elements of the ocean, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors that much more.

Expanding our Horizons

Throughout the era of mass commercialism and the moonwalk, Roadmaster opened a retail outlet for marine products, named ‘All Boating Equipment’ which strived to supply Perth with adequate and high quality boating gear. This was still based in Bayswater.

The Third Generation

The 1990s saw a significant change of leadership in Roadmaster Boat Trailers. After the unfortunate passing of Mr. Peter Long, Mark became the head, CEO, chairperson of Roadmaster Boat Trailers.  1999 a momentous year due to an advance in trailer design- the Keel Roller trailer has a new offshoot series to the “VT” models – a keel roller style trailer with a multi-roller loading system, again simplifying the launching and loading of a trailer.  Shane Weckret, long-time employee and chief trailer designer, makes a technological breakthrough in 1992 – he begins to computer design trailers using the CAD programme.


The new millennia brought an onslaught of new technology and new innovative ways to do things. In 2001 Shane and Mark together designed the famous “EQ” rear tilting loading system was released – making launching and retrieving even more efficient, especially for beach launching!  It was at this time when another generation of Longs’ joined the family business.  Due to extreme corrugation in Northern Western Australia, a stronger trailer was needed to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of off road travel. Roadmaster Boat Trailers responded to this by creating the North Wester series – a heavy duty trailer specifically designed to tackle outback driving.

The years after the boom, 2008 – 2010 saw a tumultuous few years in the business. The market began to recess and the benefits of the Perth boom wore off. Roadmaster Boat Trailers found it challenging to wear the turbulent market.

The Future and Beyond

Walking head-first into a new decade with confidence and poise is what we aim to achieve. Throughout history, Roadmaster Boat Trailers has truly proven itself - building over 30, 000 trailers since its foundation.  The future holds many challenges and opportunities for Roadmaster Boat Trailers; maintaining its high level of quality, while remaining its competitive edge, however we greet set-backs and good fortune with the courage and integrity we’ve always possessed through the decades.